The Committee

Olivier Barloy

Yannick Biron

Dominique Hubart

Fernando Maiques

Gaelle Loinger

Marc Levieils

Marc Picart

Marie-Flore Ribeyron

Nathalie Margheria

Thierry Schmit

The Commissions


The Communication commission conceives and relays content explaining the background and the structure of the French AFNOR IP data exchange standard, helping better understand how the standard works. It also promotes benefits associated to implementing the standard.

The commission supports adoption and promotion of the standard across partner organisations, such as ASPI, ACPI, CNCPI, FICPI, INPI, EPO or WIPO.


The Technology commission defines and fine-tunes the technical content of the standard, based on feedback received from the Association's active members.

The Commission helps in implementing the standard by supporting interested parties in the early phase of standard adoption, by facilitating dialogue with IT experts, IP software and service providers and/or patent and trademark offices.